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graphic, several coloured woolen threads

billy black, artist 

My fibre art work is a slow means of both communication and creation, the result of threads tied early in my life, when my mother taught me embroidery, and my father rugmaking. While working with HungaMunga from 2005, decorating venues and helping people to Make Art, Make Friends and Make a Mess at festivals, parties and events, I taught hundreds of people to knit and crochet - it is a joy I love to share. During this time, I began to work more seriously on my own art and craft work, crochet, knitting and embroidery, developing my own skills through homeware and clothing, costumes and sculpture, collaborating with other artists and designers and selling my own rugs, blankets and garments. Do get in touch if you have an idea to commission. 

I have a background in language learning and teaching and continue to teach social sciences at my local University. Spending time with groups of diverse individuals, communication has always been both important and fascinating to me. I used to perform frequently as a musician in theatrical live bands, and music remains as much of an inspiration to me. However, I have always valued time spent alone in imagination and reflection. I have knitted and crocheted everywhere for years, fiercely concentrating on the intricate bits in private, and working on the repetitive bits on public transport, with friends, daydreaming in nature or peering over my needles at tv crime dramas while at home. 


Autumn 2020: Political Footballs at St Saviour’s Studio, London

Spring 2019: Atlantic Thread, The Apple Tree, London

Autumn 2018: Twelve Steps, at contextile, Guimaraes, Portugal

Winter 2016: Various work, at The Ice House, Barking, London

fibre art and textile creations by Billy Black, London-based artist, who uses crochet, knitting, embroidery and craft-based techniques
hundreds of colourful woolen threads criss-crossing
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